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The Good Grief Program

1 BMC Place, MA 5
Boston, MA 02118

Region: Boston (also serving all regions)


Description of resource: The Good Grief Program provides workshops throughout the state for schools, parents and community groups, crisis intervention and development of a crisis protocol to help children develop coping skills around death, dying and loss. The CIRCLE, a project of The Good Grief Program, provides a comprehensive family bereavement support program after the death of a loved one. The CIRCLE has programs in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hingham and a CIRCLE for families who had a loved one die on Sept. 11th. We also provide Heart to Heart consultations at Boston Medical Center. Heart to Heart is a free one hour psycho-educational approach for adults to help their children before or after the loss of a loved one.

Support Groups: Bereavement: Child/Adolescent
Counseling: Bereavement: Individual, Family; Disability; Heart-to-Heart Program, Crisis Counseling and School/Community Training

Contact: Maria Trozzi, Director
FAX: 617-414-7195


Services provided:
Support Group/Counseling (See above)

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